What is Sic Bo?


Sic bo is a dice game that is based entirely on chance and has no skill component whatsoever. The dealer simply rolls three dice out of a small chest or cage and players place their wagers on the various different outcomes and possibilities shown on the betting table. This table shows a number of different sections each corresponding to a specific type of bet and the player simply places their wager by placing their chips on the appropriate section. A player can make multiple bets per round across the many different types of possible predictions and each of these bets has a different pay ratio.

There are a lot of bets to choose from when it comes to real money sic bo and at first glance the table can look quite intimidating. However, once you get your head around how each of the bets work it becomes incredibly easy to play and understand. You can even compare it to other dice games like craps and find that the rules are largely the same.

It’s important to avoid any overly complicated or unnecessarily risky bets when playing online Sic Bo. As is always the case with gambling, bankroll management is a crucial element to any strategy and this applies especially to Sic Bo. Players should also stay aware of the gambler’s fallacy and remember that every single roll is an independent event and that just because one particular bet hasn’t won on a few rolls doesn’t mean it’s due to win next time.