What is Sic Bo?


Sic Bo is a game of chance, played with three dice. The game originated in China and is also known as tai sai, dai siu, big and small, hi-lo, and chuck-a-luck. It is a unique game that is played with three dice that are of unequal value.

To win, players must correctly predict the roll of the three dice. This is done through a wide variety of stake options and bets. The winning wager depends on the up-facing side of the three dice. The higher the number, the higher the payout. In a Sic Bo game, the odds of matching three are greater than those of single or double bets.

To maximize your chances of winning, make sure you understand the odds and payout percentages. If you are new to playing Sic Bo, you can practice on free online games to get a feel for the game. It is also recommended that you start with simpler bets, such as single-dice bets. These are more likely to roll.

You can play Sic Bo Australia on online casinos that use InBet software. This online version is easy to navigate, with familiar betting areas. It is presented on a purple background, so it is easy to see potential wagers.