The Basics of Sic Bo

Sicbo is an exciting dice game with a lot going on at the table, but the rules are actually quite simple. The table consists of sections where players place their bets by placing chips. Each bet type has its own payout ratio. If you are a new player, a handy chart that shows the betting options and their odds will help you decide what bets to make.

The most popular bets are the Small and Big bets, which cover numbers between four and ten or eleven and seventeen respectively. These bets offer the lowest house edge and pay one to one. You can also make a Combination bet, which predicts the outcome of two of the three dice at once, and pays differently depending on the specific combination. For example, a bet on Double 2 will pay 1 unit for every one you stake, while a Specific Triple bet pays 180:1.

A common misconception is that Sic Bo has the same rules as Craps, but there are many differences. For one thing, a roll of the dice resolves all bets at once, while with Craps some bets can take several rolls to resolve.

The best casino sic bo strategy is to stick to a budget and only place wagers that you can afford to lose. This way you can avoid making costly mistakes that will reduce your winning potential. It is also advisable to play in demo mode first to discover the strategies, betting options and game preferences that work best with your situation and budget.