Sicbo and Blackjack – A Great Combination

Sic Bo, also called sic boom, sicguan, chi dau, baek dau, shui baek, and sic choi, is an uneven game of luck of ancient Chinese origin usually played with three dice by players at a square table, with one player facing up. Causing dice throw to be random, this game can be compared to tossing a coin: luck is in the hands of the thrower. Two dice are set in a triangular formation, with each side facing up so that each may move freely around the board. Grand hazard is a variation, both literally and figuratively, of sic boom, which is a traditional Sic Bo setup.


While sicbo differs from most of the world’s casino games in that it is not a game of skill with fixed odds, it has more in common with slots and craps than other similar gambling games. The basic setup for a sicbo game is the same, but winning requires more calculated moves than in slot or craps. In both games, the first few bets are small, and the final bets, although large, are spread out over a long duration of time.

One interesting twist on sicbo is to bet small when you start out, and large when you get close to the end of the game. This way, you will make up for the small bets you lose in even numbers while preventing large numbers of outs while building your winnings for the long haul. Another option is to change the type of dice in your sicbo machine from even number, high number, or odd number, depending on what the odds call. Be aware that while playing sicbo using the normal types of dices may be profitable, there is a substantial chance that you will reach a losing streak when using odd numbers.