Sic Bo – How Are They Calculated?

Sicbo, or simply sicbo, is a game of luck of old Chinese origin usually played by two dice. Grand hazard and “horseracing” are common variants, both of English original. The literal translation of sicbo is “sacrificial dice”, while siau and sik man means “small and large”. A typical Sicbo board would have twenty-four points, twelve tiles in each player’s row, the player’s own two dice plus that of his opponents, and the dice of the banker.


When playing Sicbo online, the player must use the same number of dice for all his buys, Advancing money to the banker counts as one buy, and advances does not count as a second buy, only an original buy, and neither does paying the house edge on a win count as a second buy. Thus a player may buy at a house edge, then advance without being paid the house edge, thus netting him some additional points. Sicbo can be played for freeroll, or no freeroll, points or coins. When playing for cash at an online casino, players may register and play using either the Free Internet Blackjack or the Regular Blackjack features provided by the online casino.

Sicbo is played on a continuous table, and the person with the strongest five-card hand at the end of the table wins. The person with the weakest five cards at the end of the table loses. This is the way in which the odds of winning are calculated. However, if more than one person plays sicbo at the same time, the odds get highly irregular because of the small number of people actually playing. So it may be worthwhile to place separate bets on different table while playing.