How to Play Sicbo

Sicbo, which translates to “little rock”, is a city in the province of Sicily in Italy. The population was approximately eight hundred thousand at the most, making it one of the most densely populated cities in all of Europe. The city of Sicily has an economy that is entirely dependent on its tourism industry. In order to attract tourists, Sicbo proffers many attractions such as its beautiful beaches, museums, and even its famous Sicilian past. The tourism industry provides a constant flow of income for the city and forms a large percentage of its overall revenue.


A game of Sicbo, also known as “Sic Bo”, can be played by individuals or groups of players that face each other across a series of dice rolls. The number of dice used in a game of Sicbo may vary, depending upon whether it is being played with two dice or one. There are a number of different types of dice that can be used in a game of Sicbo, including the “round go” dice and the “perforated dice”. Each type of dice comes with a certain number of possible permutations and/or combinations. Each type of dice has a specific application and/or application to certain games of Sicbo.

One of the great things about playing Sicbo is that the rules of the game are well laid out and clearly written. This gives players the opportunity to formulate strategies and decide on a level of play that they deem appropriate for their level of experience and skill. Most importantly, however, all players must keep in mind that a win is a point and a loss is a point, so when they reach the end of their turns (even if it is just one) they must either (a) use up their dice and begin playing another player (in order to re-buy dice with which to re-roll once more) or (b) continue to play at the end of their turn, in hopes that they hit a jackpot.