How to Play Sicbo at Home

Sic Bo, pronounced si-sik bo, sic ba, sic ro, sic guo, sic hon, hi-hi sic, shi sik, and hao sik are different variations of the same old dice game of ancient Chinese origin, also called chi dau. Sic Bo, also called sic ba, sic gwa, shi sik, hi-hi sic, shi gwa, and sic hon, is usually played with two dice, referred to as dau rou jian, or large dice. A variation of this game called shuang rou jian is sometimes played, wherein a single die is used and the player combines the numbers rolled together. This variation is usually played in card games. In modern times, sicbo is usually played on a regular playing surface with fifteen or eighteen dice, sometimes with twenty-two or twenty-four dice.


Each player in sicbo has the opportunity of picking five or six numbers from a twenty-six card deck, called the die deck. If the player doesn’t have the required five or six numbers, he has to pick numbers from the dice edge, the set of fifteen or sixteen dice at the casino’s poker table. The player can make use of any number of the die edges, one, two, three, four, five, or six, and also the one, two, and three combination. However, if the player wins a number from the die edge, then he must surrender one of his cards (called a ‘premium’) to get that win. In a forty-two card deck, one can bet as many as forty one, thirty two or thirty eight premium dice; but a player can only raise not more than twenty-one.

If you’re playing sicbo at home, you’ll want to make your bets at home, on paper, on a table, in front of a window, or wherever – just to be sure you have all your die rolls on hand. When playing sicbo online, it is advisable to print out your winning hand on a piece of paper and/or a card. That way, you can remember that your final bet is the amount of money you have in your bankroll – nothing more, nothing less. Once you are ready to roll the dice and place your bets, you’ll be glad you remembered this easy step.