How to Play Bacarrat

Bacarrat is an ancient card game first developed in Spain. It is usually a compulsive comparing card game usually played between two competing banks, the player and the banker. Each bacarrat coup has three possible results: “win”, “loss”, and “ties”. In this game, there are no cards to collect and no other rules or roles except that players are allowed to take bids on cards in the middle of a game. If you win a bacarrat, you get to keep all the money the banker has given you.


Bacarrat is similar to poker, but instead of using three and ten cards, bacarrat uses a single hand of ten cards. One player will usually be either banker or a dealer. The rules of bacarrat differ from those of regular poker, in that a player may opt to make a bid directly, by indicating his hand and asking for a price; or he may accept a lower price and then refuse to buy any cards higher than that, and ask for a price instead. After all of his cards have been bought, the player may either accept or reject the offer.

Although bacarrat originated in Spain, it is now a well-known casino game played by players from throughout the world. In the United States, bacarrat has even gained some popularity among Native Americans, who play the game in tournaments, bacarrat tournaments, and even as part of a spiritual tradition. There are also versions of bacarrat played with just two players called samba and jive. Although the mechanics of bacarrat are not identical to that of poker, people who learn the ins and outs of bacarrat quickly find themselves winners time again. Even those who have never played bacarrat find bacarrat a fun and exciting casino game that they enjoy playing.