How to Bet in Scratch Bo (Sic Bo)


If you’re looking for a dice game with an easy-to-learn ruleset, sic bo is the game for you. It has a very low house edge and offers many different betting options. This game originated in China and is popular with players all around the world.

The basic goal of sic bo is to bet on the dice’s total outcome, whether that be a specific number or set of numbers. This can be done in either a land-based casino or online, depending on the rules of your chosen game.

Bets in sic bo are made by placing chips on squares on the table that correspond to dice combinations you believe will appear. The dealer then shakes the dice, often using an electronic dice shaker.

Duo wagers are a popular type of bet in sic bo. These can be placed on any of the fifteen possible two-dice combos. A payout of 5:1 applies to these bets, whereas single, double and triple wagers pay out even money.

A Triple bet wins if all three dice display the same number, and pays out 30 to 1. However, you can also bet on a specific triple and this will pay out 180:1!

Betting on a Triple is a great way to increase your bankroll at the online casino. It’s important to remember that the odds of winning are slim though, so be selective!

Another important tip is to avoid re-betting the same bets that haven’t worked in previous rounds. If you’re not careful, you can end up spending a lot of your bankroll on bets that won’t pay out. This can be a dangerous practice, so always be cautious when playing online.