Gambling Game Types

Classification of Gambling Games by Types Most traditional casino games fall into one of three types: table games, slot games, or arcade games. Each type shares characteristics of other types of gambling games, but each displays unique traits. The most familiar and popular of traditional casino games are the slots and the table games. Slot games include bingo, video poker, craps and keno. Table games include blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker.

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All of the above casino games exhibit certain basic rules. In all cases, the aim of the participants is to beat the odds by using a strategy. A strategy is any method of managing the odds that best enables a participant to make a strong probability of hitting more than losing. Many gambling games employ a system of betting in which a player cannot place all of his or her bets in one go, but must carefully consider their moves throughout the game. Generally, a player will lose part of his initial bets and then add to the total amount of bets made during the game, thereby progressively increasing the amount he has to hope to win.

In traditional casino gambling games, a player may only gamble if he or she can ‘place’ a bet of at least one unit. As the name suggests, this means that all of the player’s bets are accompanied by the written symbol for that particular unit on the HUD (Hud Display). A player is allowed to change the symbol used as a sign of a bet whenever he or she wishes. In many cases, the symbols used for betting are colors or patterns that are used in gambling games or symbols representing the type of gaming in which the bet is being placed. In a few gambling games, a player may bet without changing his or her symbol, thus allowing him or her to increase the amount of money he or she has won.