Betting Strategies For Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an Asian version of craps that originated in China and has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. Like craps, sic bo is played with a large grid of dice.

The odds of winning the game depend on which numbers appear more often and what betting combinations maximize your chances of a win. This is why it’s best to test your strategy on a demo mode before risking any real money.

Betting Strategies

The best betting strategy for sic bo is to stick with low-risk bets. These include Big and Small bets where you bet on the total of any number from 4 to 17. The payout is even-money or 1x the bet amount if your number comes up, which means that you won’t lose much money if you’re wrong.

Alternatively, you can choose to place bets on specific Doubles or Triples. These bets are riskier, but offer a higher payout than the other bets. They pay 50:1 on a specific double and 180:1 on a triple, but they only happen about 0.46% of the time.

You can also place bets on specific numbers that appear on all three dice. These bets are more elusive and have a higher house edge than the other options, but they are still worth trying if you’re looking to win a lot of money quickly.

Online sic bo games use a random number generator to determine the results of each roll of the dice. This eliminates any possible dice control techniques that could be used to manipulate the outcome of a roll.