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MO Puppy Mill Posing as Rescue

*Reprinted from Life With Dogs The Humane Society of the United States has submitted a complaint to Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster requesting an investigation of the purported dog “rescue” group operated by state-licensed dog breeder. The HSUS’ complaint contends … Continue reading

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1200 Dogs Dead – a Typical Day at the Mill

North Washington Street Kennels is a pet shop near the junction of I-70 and I-25 near Denver, CO. I’ve been there, and I can tell you first-hand that there is something very wrong with those puppies. It amazes me that … Continue reading

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Creative Volunteerism at its Finest

I just can’t say enough nice things about the BlogPaws attendees and their efforts. The theme of the conference was “Be the Change,” and I would say everyone there got that memo! Continue reading

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Hanging Out at Blogpaws

Up For Pups! launched its first performance this week at the BlogPaws conference in Denver, CO. Despite some technical difficulties, the feedback we received is that everyone enjoyed the performance and “got” the message about puppy mills and volunteering to reduce the suffering. Continue reading

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More Craigslist Suggestions

Happy Tails Books published the Mill Dog Manifesto as a free ebook to help people learn about rescue and at the very least recognize the signs indicating that a puppy is coming from a mill and not a reputable breeder. To me, ensuring that people understand the dog breeding industry before acquiring a dog is both and animal rights and a consumer protection issue. Continue reading

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A Four-Week-Old Puppy Crosses the Country Alone

After six weeks of medication, the dog recovered, and I received his paperwork from the pet store. It turned out he was born in Arkansas, and taken from his mom at four weeks of age (way too young to be weaned). He was transported to Missouri, where he sat at a puppy mill stacked in a crate for a week. Then he was transported across the country to Massachusetts, where he was dumped off at a truck stop with other dogs before being distributed to the pet store. This was all by the time he was six weeks old. This was my second wake-up call regarding the trade of pets. For the first time I began to understand the horror of puppy mills. Continue reading

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Dogs: The Great Friend-makers

I was standing on my dad’s front lawn the other day, tossing some balls for my foster dog and chatting with a neighbor, when a guy walked up with a dog we recognized. This guy, however, wasn’t the dog’s parent. … Continue reading

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