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Creative Volunteerism at its Finest

I just can’t say enough nice things about the BlogPaws attendees and their efforts. The theme of the conference was “Be the Change,” and I would say everyone there got that memo! Continue reading

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Up For Pups! Goals

If I do 25 presentations a year for an average of 100 people per presentation, and 50% of those people tell three people what they have learned, the presentation will have touched 37,500 people in one year! Maybe those people would go on to tell more people, and well… Change will have to follow. Continue reading

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A Humane Revolution

This month, to honor our founding fathers, please take some time to consider how you can create positive change. Simple acts of just speaking up for our “best friends” and educating others about how to end neglect and abuse will create waves. With enough waves we can create a tsunami of compassion that ensures a future without chicken wire cages for breeding companion animals. If you need some ideas or inspiration regarding taking the first step forward, please download Happy Tails Books’ free Mill Dog Manifesto eBook. Continue reading

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