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Making Sense of Diet, Allergies, and Illness

Responsible pet parents do their best to keep pets healthy: they feed their pets premium-quality food, read labels, limit snacking, provide plenty of fresh water, and make sure they get sufficient exercise. So why are we seeing an accelerated rise in allergies, obesity, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, and arthritis in our pets along with a never-ending list of new maladies? Continue reading

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Pet Room and Board for the Holidays

The Bags 4 Bowls program is a way that people who are not in a position to bring a new dog into their homes can still help. All you have to do is visit the Iams Facebook page and either “Like” or comment there, or you can pick up a specially marked bag of Iams food. Either results in Iams donating one bowl of dog food. Continue reading

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