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Let’s Make a CAT Rescue Best Practices Manual

To follow up with the success of our dog rescue best practices manual, we are now ready to take the first steps forward to create a cat rescue best practices manual. The format for the manual will be similar in … Continue reading

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Catladyland Gives Back

Up For Pups isn’t just about the dogs. We like to help the kitties, too, when we can, and we also like to support and promote others who are helping dogs and cats. Angie Bailey, our eclectic cat lady friend, … Continue reading

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Why “Free to a Good Home” is a Death Sentence

Friend of Up For Pups Barbie Marble wrote an informative article for CT’s News Times recently about why it is dangerous to list your pet as “free to a good home” if you need to surrender him or her. Here’s … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Diet, Allergies, and Illness

Responsible pet parents do their best to keep pets healthy: they feed their pets premium-quality food, read labels, limit snacking, provide plenty of fresh water, and make sure they get sufficient exercise. So why are we seeing an accelerated rise in allergies, obesity, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, and arthritis in our pets along with a never-ending list of new maladies? Continue reading

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Boris da Bloggeh

I wish my cats could type! I didn’t get to meet Boris at BlogPaws, but I did get to meet his mommy, Kelly, who kindly granted me an interview with Boris, who is a perfect example of the fact that we can ALL lend a hand to rescue causes. You don’t need to walk on two legs to do good deeds – look at Boris! With all four of his paws, he is tirelessly working to help rescues. Continue reading

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Who Says Cats and Dogs Can’t Play Together?

I’ve got to say, getting to know Angie Bailey of Cat Lady Land helped me get back in touch with my inner cat lady! I mean, I love everything about Angie – from her hair to her ability to find humor in everything. She’s a mom, a successful blogger, and she’s got great style, to boot. So here’s my interview with Angie, one of my new favorite cat ladies! Continue reading

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