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Bostons By The Bay Holiday Cards

We received this email from Bostons By The Bay and thought we would share. Bostons By The Bay is selling holiday cards to benefit Miles, a Boston who has not had an easy go of it… Due to the continued … Continue reading

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Mill Mommas and Mistletoe

Everywhere you turn during the months approaching Christmas, you see signs saying things like, “Christmas is a time for giving.” Because this giving is regulated to happen every 12 months, it can easily become automatic, lacking profound thought. For me, … Continue reading

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Potty Training Tips: Using a Doggy Diaper

Within two weeks, I had Zoye potty-trained using this method, and you can do it, too, with a good diaper, a consistent schedule, a little patience, and minimal cleaning supplies. Good luck! Continue reading

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Puppy Mill Resources

Puppy mills are commercial dog breeding facilities notorious for substandard care. Here are some resources to learn more about them. Continue reading

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My Head + Wood Floor = Ouch

Okay, so aerial fabric (also known as “aerial tissue”) is dangerous. Though I’m still waiting for music composed for my animal advocacy aerial performance  by Marilyn Milano, I know that the first approx. 1 1/2 minutes is going to be … Continue reading

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