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Please help heal Indigo, so he can continue healing others!


UPDATE: As Indigo has been recovering from his surgery, Up For Pups has been helping to raise money for Gillian and Jodi to help with his giant vet bill. Thanks to your generosity, we’ve been able to knock out almost a third of the cost, for a total of $2,280!

The product of a puppy mill, Indigo has had a plethora of health problems, including a luxating patella coupled with patella alta in his left hind leg (in laymen’s terms, his left kneecap isn’t quite right).

Medication and physical therapy did the trick, until his problems worsened this past July. On August 6th, before his family could make an informed decision about knee surgery for Indigo, they came home to a paralyzed dog. Indigo’s chronic orthopedic issues had caused an acute, life-threatening neurological problem. An MRI revealed a ruptured disk in Indigo’s spine, which was causing him intense pain and preventing him from having any control of his hind legs, bladder, and tail.

From Gillian and Jodi, Indigo’s Family: 


“We were faced with the heartbreaking decision of putting him down for $65 or giving him a fighting chance with a promising spinal surgery for about $8,000. Even though we didn’t have the money, this choice was easy for us: anything to save our beloved family member. After all, not only is he a great family pet, but like Indigo children, our Indigo has a unique, powerful empathetic energy that allows him to connect with children on a deep level. At the age of nine, he is a valued member of our family and the “head” of the canine therapy program at Resilience Rising, a residential program for girls who have been sexually exploited. We are sure he has many more years of love to give us and these kids.

Indy_surgeryWithout a second thought, we took out a loan to cover Indigo’s surgery, which came out to $6,903.23. Dr. Stephen Lane of VRCC in Colorado did an incredible job, and Indigo remained in the hospital for six days for post-op monitoring. Then he came home and quickly got back to stealing toys and treats from his canine siblings. He is making a steady and hopeful recovery with his walking abilities. He can wag his tail again, and he doles out ample kisses to his mamas, big kids and little kids, and even his doctors. He is a lover, a teacher, and a healer through and through.”

Gillian and Jodi have dedicated their lives to helping others, and now they could use a little help from us. Your donations count for more than just saving Indigo’s life; they are allowing him to continue his work in helping to rehabilitate the hundreds of abused girls who come to Resilience Rising.

This fundraiser is now closed. Thank you to those of you who donated! Please consider making a donation to Up For Pups to help us continue our matching fundraisers for rescued pets and their families.

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4 Responses to Help Indigo

  1. God bless you and God bless Indigo. Prayers for a full recovery!

  2. Julie P says:

    Thank you so much for helping with this! I am honored to know Gillian since grade school and know the amazing work her family does. xoxo

  3. Olivia Mak says:

    What an inspiration! Pets are our family and are invaluable. This is the reason why my Pug is covered with pet health insurance. I don’t ever want to have to make a tough decision like this. Truly happy to see Indigo’s family made the right choice.

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