Fetching Fido

Fetching Fido

Fetching Fido

Up For Pups continuously works to provide informational materials to help people help needy animals. Our latest publication, Fetching Fido, is a pocket guide to the dog breeding industry. This 40-page booklet defines the difference between responsible and unscrupulous breeding and provides a checklist to consider when purchasing a dog from a breeder or adopting from rescue. Toward the end, the booklet also gives ideas on ways to pitch in to help support rescue and end puppy mill suffering.

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The Fetching Fido eBook is available for free here, or purchase it as a paperback below for less than $2.00 (plus shipping). One easy way to fight puppy mills is to give copies of this handy manual to friends and family, provide them for free at local pet supply stores, or hand them out at adoption events and town fairs.

To help you, we are providing this book for $1.99 or less. For just $16.91, you’ll get 10 copies. For $64.68 you can have 50 copies to hand out! If you’d like to use this booklet as a fundraising tool, we recommend reselling it for $3.99.


*For an in-depth look at the puppy mill industry, click here.

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