Don’t Kill Bill

The show ends with roaring applause for Bill on stage and Clementine stealing Kyla's flowers...

Don’t Kill Bill is a unique stage show produced by author/aerialist Kyla Duffy to inspire rescue volunteering and raise awareness about adoption. This emotional journey through the lives of 11 adopted dogs and Bill, a puppy mill survivor turned mountain goat (he loves to hike and rock climb), brings animal rescue to the forefront of people’s thoughts and conversations.








“…What an awesome show you put on! You really highlighted what rescue was about and why the need was there.  You ran the gambit from the owner release to the stray to the puppy mills and how bad they are. Congratulations on a job well done!” –Cindy Powell, Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue Treasurer

“INCREDIBLE show tonight!!! I hope the dog rescues in the areas you perform take you up on the offer present the show to help their cause!” -Mary Manka, American Treibball Association

“Really good show tonight!  Pierce and I enjoyed it immensely and giggled about the term “foster failure” on our way home.  In looking around at other faces, I think others felt just like we did.  I thought you struck a good balance between the evil of puppy mills and the wonders of rescue and fostering. The aerial work was just amazing!” –Rita Anderson, animal advocate known as “the original guardian angel”

“I saw the show tonight and OMG, remind me to bring a box of Kleenex next time, the stories were so very moving. I came home and have been loving all over my two Boston terriers all night! The aerial duet was really superb.  It was great to sit as a member of the audience and be able to just see that phenomenal piece of work for what it is:  a truly inspired and inspiring feat of elegance and physical stamina. -Kendra Howard, Planet Motion founder

“We had a very good time.  It was fun and entertaining to see both the aerial performance and the dog rescuer stories.  The time seemed good- not too short or too long.  I really enjoyed all of the groups in the lobby.  It was a good mix…” -Karen Vogt

THANK YOU!! Both my husband and I appreciated your advocacy of the ‘pups’.  It was a well-thought-out performance. From a fellow….we’ll take the dogs no one else wants type of a person…thank you…” -Jody and Gary James

“Your show was awesome! I loved all the stories and could relate with so many of them… Thanks again for all you do!!!” -Michelle Legler, Colorado Pug Rescue volunteer

“Thanks for a heartwarming, wonderful, show. We laughed, cried, and listened with interest to the message. I think that this should definitely be a traveling show; people need to see it!” -Hilary Lane, Fang Shui Canines and American Treibball Association

“Thank you for a great show last night. The slides and acrobatics blended very nicely.  It clearly showed your professional touch and attention to detail. You have a powerful story and it needs to be heard.  Definitely take it to the schools.  Kids especially need to hear the message of rescue versus pet shops.  Even if you can’t rig your fabric, the slide show will be well received.  Well done… -Scott Harper, retired teacher and dog park VIP

Click here for blogger Roxanne Hawn’s review of the show at Fido Friendly

Contact us if you’d like to help with arranging a show in your town.


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The Don’t Kill Bill show is configurable for your unique needs/location, but here’s an idea of what to expect:


An exciting start to the show: Aerial fabric routine set to a backdrop of adoptable dogs from rescue present in the lobby.

The First Story: As Duffy runs backstage to change, the audience is entertained by “A Gotcha Day Wish,” a story about celebrating a pet’s “gotcha day” if you don’t know his or her birthday.



Duffy is back, weaving a tale of fostering and rescue, interspersed with wonderful stories about the love and joy adopted dogs bring to people’s lives.

Finally the audience gets to know Bill, Duffy’s puppy mill survivor turned best friend, who not only survived horrible psychological trauma but also three weeks alone in the woods!


Just before intermission, rescues are invited to come on stage and tell the audience how many of their favorite dogs it takes to screw in a light bulb. This got many laughs, and little Basset rescuer Hailey stole the show.




Intermission: A packed house. Everyone is having a great time.


From Hell to Hope: An aerial fabric performance explaining puppy mills and giving hope that we can create change.

Mariah’s Story: A touching poem about a Dachshund puppy mill survivor that brings to light the resilience of abused dogs.

More fun! Duffy is back on stage sharing more about Bill and facilitating several more stories, including one about Ben, a death-row Chihuahua turned seizure-alert dog, and Jack, a blind Cocker-Spaniel rescue turned therapy dog.


Done already? Though the show is ending, the rescue work has only just begun! The message here is “Dream Big, and Don’t Kill Bill!” Adoptable dogs make great pets, and we CAN become a no-kill nation if we all help to educate others to the importance of adopting dogs and caring for them properly.


Up For Pups is seeking sponsors to help take the Don’t Kill Bill show around the country. Don’t miss this intimate opportunity to reach a targeted audience of dog-lovers and to show your support for dogs-in-need. click here to learn more!

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18 Responses to Don’t Kill Bill

  1. Gail says:

    Oh this is just wonderful and needs to go on tour!

  2. This is totally amazing Kayla!

  3. shara brown says:

    Great idea. Wish more of these things were around.

  4. This is Awesome! Please come to Naples, FL to educate people. We have so many people giving up their wonderful animals to shelters because they cannot rent with their pet they’ve had for ten or more years. I think of the people in the Japan Tsunami who had no place to go but they were still clutching on to their pets.

  5. Great idea! Bocci’s Beefs will be there to help!

  6. Dee Finch says:

    I love the idea and it looks like I would love the show. Am sending this page to a bunch of rescuers right now.

  7. Mickey Brown says:

    You are so talented, Kayla! Hope you get to Atlanta with your tour . So many animals losing their homes with all the foreclosures and job losses. Was delighted with our story of Vanna in the cocker rescue book. Lynn and I are staying in touch now and Vanna is still being treated for heartworm. The general public needs a lot of education on dog diseases, care and most important spaying and neutering your pets. Only then will we see less dogs & cats needing rescue and fewer dying from disease, starvation and cruelty. Thank you for all you are doing!

  8. Alyson Rowland says:

    I love it!! What a wonderful idea! Yes, go on tour! I would love to see the show in person.

  9. Linda Eisterhold says:

    I’m so happy to hear you are coming to Rochester, MN. I volunteer for Camp Companion and cannot wait to meet Bill! 🙂

  10. Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you, too! 🙂

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  13. Susan McCauley says:

    Wonderful… Thanks for your selfless creativity

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