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Dogs: The Great Friend-makers

I was standing on my dad’s front lawn the other day, tossing some balls for my foster dog and chatting with a neighbor, when a guy walked up with a dog we recognized. This guy, however, wasn’t the dog’s parent. … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t It Be Fun?

Upon more carefully considering what would draw people in, I started thinking about my history as a pet owner, and I realized that I was guilty of the same irresponsible practices for which I’m always admonishing others. As a teen, I bought all sorts of exotic animals at pet shops (an iguana, a chinchilla, etc.) and then when the honeymoon wore off, I dumped them on my mom. How terrible! Not only that I bought animals at a pet shop, animals that shouldn’t be pets to begin with, but then I abandoned them. This is exactly what others have done to the dogs I foster now. How ignorant I was! Continue reading

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Like Santa’s Elves

(Lowrey, lovingly wrapping our Holiday Gift Sets as we scrambled to get all of our orders filled) This post is a departure from our usual advocacy posts, but I thought you might be interested in seeing what goes on behind … Continue reading

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