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Up For Pups is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of mistreated domestic animals through creative public education initiatives.

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The organization has several initiatives for 2011:

  • Develop a community of artists using their unique talents for humane education purposes and help to promote their events to maximize their impact
  • Provide free animal advocacy materials to rescue organizations to help them educate the public about pet overpopulation, puppy mills, responsible pet selection and parenting, and volunteer opportunities
  • Gather information from the top existing dog rescues to develop a comprehensive guide to starting/running a rescue
  • Create a simple dog training program for children and dogs in low-income communities that is easily replicable across the nation

Board of Directors:

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Kyla Duffy, President

Kyla and BillKyla Duffy fell in love with dogs after becoming an emergency foster parent for a Boston Terrier with kennel cough. She lives in Boulder, CO with her husband, a rescued kitty, Bill and Hillary (rescued Boston Terriers), and a perpetual stream of foster dogs. She enjoys rehabilitating the tough cases and helps them build up muscle and confidence on long hikes through the beautiful Colorado Front Range.

Kyla is a teacher (Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado), entrepreneur, and athlete, who retired from professional snowboarding in 2001 to pursue more “leisurely” activities such as adult gymnastics, high-flying trapeze, and aerial fabric. She holds a BS in Marketing, a BA in Spanish Translation, and an MPS in Organizational Leadership. After years of business ownership experience, she founded Happy Tails Books to raise awareness of and funding for dog rescue efforts and then Up For Pups, a 501c3 humane education organization that focuses on raising community awareness about volunteer opportunities with local rescue organizations. She enjoys the creative and philanthropic nature of Happy Tails Books and Up For Pups, and is always excited to share the passionate stories written by dog-lovers whose animals have clearly changed their lives.

Chad Darwin, Vice President

Chad and EliWith more than ten years experience within the public relations industry, Chad joined Up For Pups’ board of directors in 2010. He lends his strategic direction, media relations expertise and special events experience to the organization.

Chad graduated from the University of Florida in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree in public relations. Darwin served as the University of Florida PRSSA National Liaison in 1999 – 2000, hosting a regional conference with more than 200 hundred students in attendance. After moving to Los Angeles, Darwin served as the president of the PRSA – Young Professionals group in Los Angeles in 2002.

Chad currently serves as a client services manager at PainePR and was previously a senior account executive at Hill & Knowlton and Golin Harris, where he specialized in a variety of consumer, corporate and public affairs clients such as Motorola, Disney, Coldwell Banker, PG&E CARE Program, Nestle and the Hass Avocado Board.

Chad is a passionate animal advocate and is owned by his rescued Cocker Spaniel, Eli.

Lowrey Mumford, Treasurer

Lowrey MumfordA lifelong pet parent, Lowrey, has diligently spent the past two years volunteering as co-editor for Happy Tails Books in addition to her mediation “day job.” Her current rescued dog, Twiglet, found his forever home with Lowrey, her husband, Matt, and Chutney (now deceased) after he’d been in three homes in 10 months. In ill health and considered a tough case, Twiglet now has a clean bill of health, was house-trained in two days, and learned everything else after one mistake. This “problem child” just needed some exercise, love and guidance to help him blossom—and he has even achieved therapy dog status recently.

Lowrey has worked as a journalist both for print and television, and she has served as a writer/editor for websites and books.

Jaime Lynn Smith, Secretary

Jaime Lynn SmithJaime is the author of Thoughts Fur Paws, a prolific blog about pets. She is heavily involved with raising public awareness about animal welfare. For a year she interned with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and she has served as campaign manager for two national animal welfare organizations.

Jamie has had many animals in her life. Most recently she adopted Maxwell, a kitty who was found playing with cigarette butts in a parking garage. Jaime volunteers and/or donates to many animal welfare organizations and is passionate about the fight to eliminate puppy mills.

A lifelong pet owner, Lowrey (pictured here with her parents’ dog, Clyde, from the Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre in Scotland) currently owns a Siamese fighting fish and two rescue dogs. Chutney found Lowrey, and her husband Matt, when she was ten weeks old at Lifeline Puppy Rescue, Colorado. Twiglet found his “forever home” with Lowrey, Matt and Chutney after he’d been in three homes in 10 months. In ill health, and considered a tough case, he now has a clean bill of health, was house-trained in two days, and learned everything else after one mistake. This “problem child” just needed some exercise, love and guidance to help him blossom—he hopes to attend school and be a therapy dog next year.Another of Lowrey’s passions is writing (imagine!), She has worked as a journalist both for print and television, served as an writer/editor for web sites, as well as for books. She has contributed to magazines in the past too. She is also an avid letter-writer, photographer and lapsed poet.

More recently, her professional writing career has been restricted to mediation agreements, so she loves working with all the creative submissions to Happy Tails Books.

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