Photography Interns Help Colorado Rescues

Do you struggle to get good photos of your adoptable animals that will truly capture the hearts of potential adopters?
Jaime Rowe Photography is organizing a group of interested interns in the Denver area to help photograph rescue dogs in a happy and fun environment! The interns will be required to fill out an application, be approved and attend a one hour pet photography workshop called “Respect and Reflect.” The interns will then attend rescue events and photograph dogs that the rescue coordinator has chosen. The interns will then send the images to the rescue coordinator within 5 days of the event. The rescue coordinator will then have a beautiful picture that respects and reflects the inner beauty of the rescue dog! Hopefully this will decrease the time it takes for a dog to be adopted!
If you are interested in getting on the Barkroom Internship schedule, then please e-mail Jaime today:
Please let us know the following:
Rescue Name:
Event Date & Location:
Estimated # of dogs to photograph:
Thank you so much and we look forward to helping you find forever homes for your rescue dogs in record time!

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