Let’s Make a CAT Rescue Best Practices Manual

To follow up with the success of our dog rescue best practices manual, we are now ready to take the first steps forward to create a cat rescue best practices manual. The format for the manual will be similar in format and creation process to our dog rescue manual, but, of course, it will be tailored to help cat rescuers.

Get Involved

The first step is for us to gather a group of enthusiastic, experienced cat rescuers to help us compile data about cat rescue best practices. If you are a cat rescuer with at least two years of experience and you’d like to help us with this project, please email us with your name, rescue organization name, and anything you feel should be added to the preliminary outline we’ve posted at http://bit.ly/tnrJHr.

Participation Commitment

In January, I’ll write participants and ask you to select topics to specialize in. We’ll need you to write about your topics (or edit our existing work to apply to cat rescue for topics that were included in the dog rescue book) by February 15th. At that time, we’ll start posting what you’ve written to our blog for other rescuers to comment on, and from the information we gather, we will convert everyone’s feedback into sections of the manual. (Don’t worry – you don’t need great writing skills – just solid ideas.)

Expected Outcome

In return, we will be very grateful for your participation, and we will list you in the acknowledgements as a participating organization. The project will be fun to participate in, and you’ll feel great about being a part of this groundbreaking project that will help rescuers save more lives.

The completed manual will be available online for free or in paperback for $29.95 because it will include editable documents for rescues to use.


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2 Responses to Let’s Make a CAT Rescue Best Practices Manual

  1. Michelle says:

    This is a fantastic initiative. You’ve put together a solid outline (the only thing I might add is a list of known shelter/rescue sponsors and perhaps a section on how to be a natural disaster emergency shelter for cats).

  2. Thanks, Michelle! These are great ideas. One of our board members is working on the cat rescue manual, and I’m hoping to see it soon. I’ll pass your feedback along.

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