Short Film Starring a Rescue Dog Needs Your Support

Support a short film starring an adorable rescue dog!  Jed Cowley, a Columbia University MFA candidate and Sundance alum, has made an awkward romantic comedy.

It’s about Dudley, a bored and communication-inhibited man in his mid 30s.  One day, in the attempt to end his own life, he thinks he hears his white basset hound, Maximo, tell him he shouldn’t go through with it.  

Stunned and rejuvenated with a new and exciting purpose in life, Dudley tries to get his dog to talk again.  But, he must go to uncomfortable lengths to accomplish this, namely, talking to a girl.

Check out a trailer here:

Paul Newman, the dog featured in this film, is a rescue.  You can read all about his story on his website,  With this project, the filmmakers want to draw attention to and support rescued animal shelters.

The filmmakers are looking for enthusiastic contributions to help them to put together their post-production team, which includes sound designers, sound editors, composers, etc.  So please check out their Kickstarter campaign.  Even a $2 donation helps!

If you can’t donate money, you can support this project by spreading the word through blogs, tweets, facebook, or your choice of social media!

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