Importance of Good Photos to Increase Adoptions

In Road to Rescue, we discuss the importance of taking good photos of each animal to increase his or her chance of adoption. Sharon Sleighter of Legacy Boxer Rescue did a great job starting the discussion on this topic on our blog. Now, the news is picking up on it:

What do you think? Can good photos make a difference in a dog’s chances for adoption? What are some tips?

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4 Responses to Importance of Good Photos to Increase Adoptions

  1. Vicky Mazyn says:

    It doesn’t matter how good the dog’s story is written if the picture does not get the possible adopters to click on it. When they search any of the pet adoption sites, they will get hundreds of dogs for them to choose from. If the photo does not stand out or worse yet there is no photo, that dog will simply be passed by for the next one that has a cute picture. Always pay close attention to the background of the photo.

  2. So true, Vicky. Thanks!

  3. Susan Kramer says:

    Is Best Practices complete and avaialable?

  4. Thanks for writing. The manual is complete and available at . We’ve been receiving great feedback on it and are so glad to be able to help rescues out in this way.

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