New Educational Resources

To go with the humane education chapter of Road to Rescue, a best practices manual for dog rescue organizations, we’re developing educational flyers for anyone to print and distribute. Topics include breeding a dog, buying a dog, spaying and neutering, and we’re working on more.

Download, print, and share these documents at

We hope that rescuers will include these documents in their foster welcome kits and adoption kits to help education others about important animal welfare topics. Don’t assume that just because someone loves dogs or is involved in rescue they know the facts about these topics.

What topics would you like to see hand-outs for?


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4 Responses to New Educational Resources

  1. Sue Vieira says:

    Great hand outs, I passed them on to the shelter where I volunteer. I have some ideas or suggestions for other handouts. Some kid friendly ones perhaps for educational presentations at schools. One other idea would be something along the lines of health. I am always surprised how uneducated people are about the basic care of dogs(preventatives, annual exams and vaccinations) and cost of responsible dog ownership. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Sue! These are great ideas. I’ll get to work on them!

  3. With much pleasure, I’ve done exactly as you suggested — I down loaded your flyer, printed it out and will distribute it among local shelters and rescues as well as at the elementary school I teach as a substitute.

    Yours are wonderful ideas and the idea posted in a comment by Sue brought to mind that all too many kids view pets much the same way as they view all their other toys and play things.

    This means that kids of all ages should be taught that pets (dogs, cats, etc.) are living beings that need consideration just like people do. Pets need gentle loving and respect, devotion and caring. Although pets can and should be played with; they are not toys like rubber balls, stuffed animals, plastic dolls or wooden trucks.

  4. Thanks, Hanna! I agree that Sue had some wonderful suggestions. We’re going to start working on some of them. I wish I knew more about kids, as they definitely need to learn about proper pet care and empathy toward animals.

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