Best Practices: Wrap Up

We are almost at the end of our blog series on rescue best practices. We may have one or two more posts about the manual, but at this point I’d like to ask, what have we missed? Please use the comments section to tell us about topics that would help you better run or volunteer with rescue that we have not already covered. There are links on this page that allow you to navigate back through all the posts in this series from the last several months.

The next step in this process is to turn these posts into a manual to help guide rescues. The manual is, of course, more comprehensive and concise that what is available here, but by reading through these posts, you can get a good sense of what other rescue are doing. I hope it helps you to save as many lives as you can!

The first draft of the manual will be finished sometime in July 2011. The final manual should be ready by September 2011. Stay tuned.

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