Don’t Kill Bill: Behind the Scenes

Saturday night was the big night. It was also my birthday, so I was running the risk of having a very crappy birthday if something went wrong with the Don’t Kill Bill show I put together to celebrate adoption and rescue. What if people didn’t show up? What if the projector broke? What if I dropped my aerial partner? What if I walked out on stage and couldn’t speak?

I definitely had my nightmares leading up to the event. Luckily, the event was amazing! My helpful volunteers did a wonderful job of getting the word out, and we had so many people come that they had to start turning people away at the door! The lobby was full of love for rescued dogs, with over 25 rescues present.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share information about the show as we begin to put together our photos and videos to pitch the show to big sponsors. I was delighted to come home from the show and find several requests already to do it in other areas. Tampa…Colorado Springs…Los Angeles… We’re taking this show on the road, baby! And we’re going to change peoples hearts and minds about rescued animals and inspire people to volunteer.

To begin this series, here’s a video of Clementine training with Aly and Hilary before the show:

Check back next week to see how the training paid off!

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3 Responses to Don’t Kill Bill: Behind the Scenes

  1. Kim Clune says:

    SO happy to hear this was a huge success. How could it not be? You are tremendously talented and creative – and your help is too. 🙂

  2. Aly says:

    That is awesome news on the requests to do it in other places!! We had so much fun doing this and working with you guys! Rescued dogs really can do anything!

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