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Up For Pups isn’t just about the dogs. We like to help the kitties, too, when we can, and we also like to support and promote others who are helping dogs and cats. Angie Bailey, our eclectic cat lady friend, has recently begun campaigning for Feline Rescue, Inc.

Here’s what Angie says:

“I recently visited Feline Rescue, Inc. and learned a little more about their organization.  Jocelyn LeBerge, a longtime volunteer, was kind enough to lead me on a tour of the facility and answer all my questions.  Here are some facts I learned about this very special organization.

  • It was founded in 1997 and five years ago they moved to a larger location.
  • Their mission is to provide safe shelter, veterinary care, and socialization for stray, abandoned, or abused cats until good permanent homes can be found for them.
  • Up to 70 cats are housed at the adoption center with 150 adoptable kittens, nursing mothers, and special-needs cats living in the extended foster network.
  • Most of the cats are free-roaming and never kenneled.  The only reasons cats are kenneled are due to introduction to a new space, medical necessity, or during behavioral rehabilitation.
  • Their outreach program focuses on feral colony management, TNR, and low-cost spay/neuter programs.

I was especially impressed with the efforts of the volunteers to ensure the cats are placed in the right spot in the shelter.  In addition to the free-roaming areas and kennels, they offer special rooms for FIV-positive cats and shy cats (who are a little on the skittish side with humans). One very sweet kitty named Sammy even has a bachelor pad of his very own because some of the other cats bully him when he roams freely.  In general, Feline Rescue, Inc. has a very peaceful and loving atmosphere — the kitties get to listen to classical music and volunteers built tall perching towers and crouching cubbies for the residents to enjoy.”

We applaud Angie’s effort to help Feline Rescue, Inc. raise money to care for their cats during the month of February. She’ll be posting more information throughout the month. Check out here blog here.

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