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Best Practices: The History of Rescue

Today we’re looking for input on the origins of rescue. The origins of the animal welfare movement are well-documented in books and on websites, but we have struggled to find information on the origin and growth of private rescue organizations. … Continue reading

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The Beginning of a Best Practices Manual

During the next several months we will be working on our rescue best practices manual alongside the selfless rescuers who have volunteered to ensure that this manual is comprehensive and complete. Each Tuesday and Friday I’ll be posting a new … Continue reading

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Don’t Kill Bill: Show Rehearsal

Some things don’t require words… Thank you so much to Payton at PC Pro Video for putting together such an amazing montage: Share on Facebook

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Don’t Kill Bill: Behind the Scenes

Saturday night was the big night. It was also my birthday, so I was running the risk of having a very crappy birthday if something went wrong with the Don’t Kill Bill show I put together to celebrate adoption and … Continue reading

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Multifaceted Friends

I’ve met many wonderful people through my dog, and especially through rescue. It never ceases to amaze how multitalented all my doggie friends are. Take Jaime Rowe, for example. Jaime and I met through Happy Tails Books, my publishing company … Continue reading

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Catladyland Gives Back

Up For Pups isn’t just about the dogs. We like to help the kitties, too, when we can, and we also like to support and promote others who are helping dogs and cats. Angie Bailey, our eclectic cat lady friend, … Continue reading

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