Product Review: Fido Friendly Magazine

When asked to review Fido Friendly magazine, I enthusiastically agreed as I think it is a very good publication and the people behind the scenes are honestly good, dog-loving people.

The particular issue I reviewed, December 2010, features the top 10 dog-friendly ski destinations and a holiday gift guide, but my favorite article was entitled “Fixing Fido” by Jeremiah Alley. The article was about vets working in Quito, Peru, where they are over 100,000 street dogs. The vets had flown in to spay and neuter as many pets as they could and serve as ambassadors to show the locals a different way of looking at dogs. I liked the comment toward the end of the article that stated the film crew had been most asked, “What about the people? Shouldn’t they be helping the people?”

The answer was simple. They’re vets, not doctors, so they are doing what they can to help those in need, which at this time were dogs. This resonated with me because I’ve had people ask that, too, and all I can say is that if we each choose some cause close to our hearts and worked diligently on getting to a solution, MANY problems could be solved.

Page 26 of this issue talked about toxic food for dogs. I thought, “Come on – don’t we all know this already?” But to my surprise, I did learn something new. I always new onions were toxic for dog, but I thought it was only raw onions. It turns out both raw and cooked onions have the properties that make a dog sick, and while it does take a significant quantity to cause a problem, that quantity can be consumed at one sitting or over time. This is good to know, as my dog often gets table food and I never really worried about onions. I’ll keep an eye out now!

Fido Friendly has many events/contests to engage readers. Their pet travel writing competition is going on until April 2011. If you like to write, you might consider entering to win some great pet-friendly hotel stays. The magazine seems to also alternate between tail and tongue photo competitions.

I especially like Fido Friendly because the magazine introduced the idea of adoption wherever possible, which is key in solving our pet overpopulation problem. It’s a good read for any dog lovers, as you can see they offer a wide variety of topics each month.

CONTEST: Win a free annual subscription (print or digital) by commenting on this blog before 1/3. Since Fido Friendly is in many ways focused on pet travel topics, tell us about somewhere you’ve gone with your pet or somewhere you’d like to go. Winner will be selected randomly from comments on 1/4.

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15 Responses to Product Review: Fido Friendly Magazine

  1. I have been wanting to find cabins that take dogs! If I could find Colorado cabins that accept dogs then I imagine I would travel a lot more. I am not a hotel person as the back country is more our speed as we fly fish and hike with the dogs. Currently we take the dogs to all the open spaces that are local to our Highlands Ranch area.

    Great work Kyla!

  2. Stacy says:

    An easy travel with pets guide would be great. We have a service dog that is by law allowed everywhere, but we would like to take our other dog too.
    We would love to travel with both our dogs but finding pet friendly places for them to exercise and relieve themselves can be quite a pain.
    Also visiting family who have pets of their own has been a problem when their dogs don’t like yours due to territory issues.

  3. We enjoyed a Dog Lover’s Weekend at the Gunflint Lodge in northern Minnesota Dogs are welcome, there are special activities for dogs, speakers on dog-related topics, the food is fantastic, the package prices are great (pet fees are waived), and the north woods of Minnesota are heavenly, with hiking, canoeing and kayaking included in the price. I always take my dogs’ Not Without My Dog Resource & Record Books when we travel.

  4. Josie Moen says:

    I discovered traveling with my two dogs when we participated in a disc dog competition in KY this past summer. We had fun during lunch and potty breaks at different rest areas. We would tailgate for lunch or hang out beneath a shady tree. One rest area in Iowa had a walking path in the woods just for dogs. Another rest area in MO had picnic tables which looked like Route 66 buildings of the past. I took photos of my dogs at each place as great memories of our trip.

    Finding good motels that take dogs was a problem, especially the extra charges. My dogs were great guests, only a random bark here and there when they heard a door opening and no accidents in the room. I’m pleased to say, when my dogs and I left a motel room, it looked nearly as good as when we arrived except for a little extra vacuuming needed for dog hair.

  5. We love any media that can help get the word out and educate people on the value of adopting a rescue dogs! This magazine is awesome and very informative. As beagle lovers, we love to find more places that welcome our furry friends – we hate to leave them behind! Thanks for the magazine and for the contest opportunity!

  6. Michael Rochester says:

    This magazine, by far, is the MOST informative when it comes to travel tips for you and your dog. I truly have a smile on my face the entire time I am reading it.

  7. Lowrey Mumford says:

    We’ve traveled all over the country with our dogs staying in hundreds of places ranging from campsites (tents and pop-ups) to cabins and four-star hotels. Having larger dogs is immediately limiting, so that’s the first hurdle. Beyond that, I’m always looking for “dog welcome” rather than a “dog-friendly” places. Places that really stand with service such as having huge, dog-walking fields and paths–preferably with water access.
    Casa San Pedro B&B in Hereford (just west of Bisbee AZ) is a perfect B&B all around, and it has trails by water, fields etc for the dogs to run.
    Red Rock RV and Camping Park in eastern Idaho is dog welcome with a huge wildflower meadows, Henry’s Lake and the Snake River for the dogs.
    Towns are always a bit of a challenge, but Glenwood Springs has the historic Hotel Colorado, a grand dame of hotels in the west where the dogs are welcome to relax with you inn front of a roaring fire while you have a drink. The palatial rooms offer more creature comforts than the often cramped spaces we see.
    As for chains, La Quinta consistently stands out above all others.
    Fido Friendly is a great publication for us road warriors–dogs and humans alike!

  8. Mickey Brown says:

    My husband and I would love to travel with our dogs but I have never seen any place that will accept four cockers! If anyone knows of some places that perhaps have cabins please let us know. We are in Ga. but like to travel!

  9. Terri says:

    GREAT review, Kyla — THANK YOU!

  10. MelF says:

    And don’t forget! They also raise money for some good animal charities too!

  11. MelF says:

    Thanks for sharing some great info on Fido Friendly Kyla. I’ve been wanting to read them for some time. I get that question too (about why aren’t we helping people too). I agree with you. We all have our causes and passions. It’s up to us to help wherever we are called to help. You are a perfect example of that!

    I was also unaware of cooked onions being an issue, so thanks for that!

  12. Susan Gennarelli says:

    So proud of all you have done for the welfare of our four legged loved ones Kyla!
    You continue to amaze me. Your efforts to support, raise money and place animals in good loving homes is wonderful and your continued drive to do more is commendable.
    Go Fido Friendly!

  13. Erika Pinkoczi says:


    Another outstanding and informative read. Thank you for sharing your insight and passion. I could not agree with you more regarding causes. … “I can say is that if we each choose some cause close to our hearts and worked diligently on getting to a solution, MANY problems could be solved”. I’ve found my cause and I’m ALL in!

    Thank you for continuing to make the world a better place!

  14. i have 4 chis that we rescued from the humane society in NYC(those guys truly are angels!!! we love them & visit them often), or should i say they rescued us!! we adore our 4 legged babies, so much so that we are very hesitant to leave them w/ just anyone, so anytime we want to get away, we look for pet friendly hotels. Just a few years back there weren’t that many places to choose from that accepted pets , luckily the hotel industry has wised up & there are more & more places each day!! we even found a camping ground that is pet friendly. While looking for a pet friendly place in upstate(NY) we came across a wonderful hotel, not only were the cabins very nice & clean, what really made it wonderful was the woman that owned it. This woman was so accommodating & sweet that whenever we go up there, hers is the only place we will stay!! it even has a big beautiful swimming pool!!! So if not for places & people like this, we’d never go anywhere!!! If you’d like to know the name of the city & hotel & camping ground, please let me know & i will be glad to pass that on!!

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