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I had the pleasure of meeting Bow Wow Bill, founder of Dog Coach Magazine, an innovative new concept in dog-lover information sharing where you can get articles, stories, and tips about living life with dogs to the fullest. But I’ll let him tell you about it…

Dog Coach Mag Founder Bow Wow Bill

UFP: Bill, what was the catalyst for your involvement in dog rescue?

BC: As a youth lets just say I had a wild streak and was given community service hours working in the Idaho Humane Society in Boise. My first night I was reluctantly cleaning out cages and sweeping floors, (basic janitorial duties) when I went to throw out the trash. I noticed the dumpster was full. When I went to make room by shoving over some of the garbage bags I realized the dumpster was full of animals that had been put to sleep earlier that day. I can still remember that day vividly; it was then that I realized something is broken in the animal welfare system, if we are basically killing and throwing away this many animals on a weekly basis.

UFP: Share a brief story or two about your dog rescue experiences.

BC: Oh there are so many. One, whom I will never forget, is a dog named Bear. Bear is a black Lab-mix who was around eight when his owner surrendered him. When we got him, he was bald and smelled very bad. He was malnourished and had some severe ear problems. What I remember most about Bear was how fast he made a 100% recovery once he was on a good diet and getting plenty of excercise and socialization. The gentleman who transported Bear to us did not even recognize him a month later because he looked so good. I will always remember his humongous smile when you would play ball with him. He has since passed over the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss him, but I am also honored to have taken part with his rescue and rehab.

Another case would have to be my dog Roofus, who was a severe neglect having been basically tied to a tree for four years. He had some serious anxiety issues and could not be fostered with any family. When he came home with me, I knew it was exactly where he belonged. He has since found out that he loves to run like the wind on the five-acre property. He is a totally different dog from the day I brought him home two years ago.

UFP: What inspired you to start Dog Coach Magazine?

BC: Seeing a void in the industry where I was having a hard time accessing information about overall enhancement of my life with my best friends… My dogs. I decided to fill this void by forming Dog Coach Magazine, “The Magazine For Irrationally Exuberant Dog Lovers.”

UFP: What sets Dog Coach Magazine apart, and what should subscribers expect to get from it?

BC: Dog Coach Magazine is about to launch in seven different formats, six of which will be free of charge. We are going to be a monthly publication where the industry dictates what is featured in the magazine via a voting mechanism on Anyone can write for the magazine, but to ensure great, relevant content, I have formed an editorial advisory board with some leading dog experts in the industry. I have partnered with the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI), and the American Dog Owners Association (ADOA) to ensure that we have great content, and circulation. As of now we have 3500 dog trainers who are contributors for the magazine.

UFP: Regarding dog rescue and humane education, what role do you see Dog Coach Magazine playing?

BC: I see Dog Coach Magazine playing a pivotal role in dog rescue and humane education. because the magazine is free of charge and available in so many formats. My goal is to reach as many dog lovers as possible in order to educate on how to have a great life with your dog. I’m also providing a social community for networking, support, fundraising, and paw parties, of course. I want to make a difference, but I know I can’t do it alone.

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