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On August 8th I posted about how to help dogs listed as “free to a good home” on Craigslist by contacting the posters and letting them know about the dangers of adopting out dogs for “free” to people who haven’t filled out a comprehensive application or received a home check. Today I’ve got another suggestion on how to help spread the word about rescue and adoption.

Happy Tails Books published the Mill Dog Manifesto as a free eBook to help people learn about rescue and at the very least recognize the signs indicating that a puppy is coming from a mill and not a reputable breeder. To me, ensuring that people understand the dog breeding industry before acquiring a dog is both an animal rights and a consumer protection issue.

One thing you can do to help us spread this important information is simply to cut and paste the following into a post a on Craiglist. Simply follow the instructions below, and you’ll have your post up in a jiffy. Then you can give yourself a pat on the back for helping others get healthy, happy dogs who are perfect for their family instead of unwittingly acquiring sick dogs whose purchase perpetuates a cycle of unbelievable cruelty:

1) Go to

2) Click on whatever city you’d like.

3) Click on “pets” under the “community” heading

4) Click on “post” in the top, right-hand corner

5) Choose “pets” from the list you are given

6) Post the following and then follow Craigslist posting instructions. If you are concerned with using your own email address, just click the “hide” or “anonymize” button – nobody will see your email address in that case.

Title: Read This BEFORE Getting a Pet!

Post: Are you looking for a purebred cat or dog? Did you know that you can save a life and save money by adopting from a rescue organization? Rescue groups exist all over the country to serve the needs of homeless purebred and mixed-breed animals. No matter what you’re looking for in a pet, you can find a good one to fit your lifestyle through these organizations.

Be sure your new “best friend” is healthy and that he (or she) hasn’t come from a dirty puppy mill where his (or her) parents surely have not been cared for or properly socialized. Don’t believe what pet shop workers tell you: No reputable breeder would ever sell their puppies or kittens through a pet shop. Arm yourself with knowledge by reading the “Mill Dog Manifesto,” a free eBook offered by Happy Tails Books.

Remember, taking on a pet is a lifetime commitment – so get this decision right!

Visit for more information.

“This is a FREE e-book on puppy mill dogs. What they are, what they go through, what to expect if you adopt one and just how to be a better pet parent with this knowledge. I have personally read this book and found it very interesting and very easy to read. Other things I have read give a lot of technical terms, and information that really is not relavant to the common person, this book does not do that. It is as if Kyla is talking to you and explaining to you from the heart and providing you with her personal experiences with her puppy mill dog. It really is a great book to read and share. I hope you enjoy it.” -Dena Stapleton, Savannah Pets Examiner

“I really like the eBook. It is full of great information in one place. Sadly it details puppy mills, but education is so important in stopping the cycle.” -Jan, Love a Golden Rescue

“I love the unique, very personal voice in which the Mill Dog Manifesto is written. It immediately engages the reader. The facts about puppy mills and the dog breeding industry are tough to digest but obviously it’s necessary to share them.” -Michele Wallach, Dog Lover and Professional Writer


Mill Dog Manifesto: Protect Yourself From Puppy Mills

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