Hanging Out at Blogpaws

Up For Pups! launched its first performance this week at the BlogPaws conference in Denver, CO. Despite some technical difficulties, the feedback we received is that everyone enjoyed the performance and “got” the message about puppy mills and volunteering to reduce the suffering.Here’s a video of the performance taken by BowWow Bill (founder of Dog Coach Magazine):

BlogPaws was a perfect launchpad for the aerial portion of Don’t Kill Bill: A Dog Lover’s Night Out, which will be hitting a town near you in 2011 (or maybe 2012…). I can’t get the outpouring of compassion for rescued animals at this conference – everyone seems to be doing what they can to help animals in need and reduce the pet overpopulation problem. I’ve never been to a conference with so many kind, like-minded people. The sessions about how to improve blog traffic were wonderful and the speakers very informative. I highly recommend the next Blogpaws conference to anyone who has an interest in writing about animal welfare.

The Don’t Kill Bill aerial performance includes the slideshow below set to beautiful by Marilyn Milano, an animal advocate who is currently producing a CD to raise awareness and funding for shelter pets.

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3 Responses to Hanging Out at Blogpaws

  1. Your performance was fantastic and I’m glad I got to meet you and Bill in person!

  2. Boris Kitty says:

    Human2 did really enjoy ur purrformance at dat BlogPaws.

    We did just finish up a bloggy post wif sum pikshures.


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