Creative Volunteerism at its Finest

Last week was a wonderful opportunity for me to test my creative volunteerism theory – that whatever a person’s unique talents are, they can be used to help important causes. In front of a slide show about puppy mills, I hung from the ceiling at the BlogPaws conference (which, by the way, was AWESOME!), and from the feedback I’ve receive, I think my presentation did touch a few hearts. I’m definitely looking forward to the chance to do it again!

My biggest takeaway from the conference, however, was that I’m not the only one thinking about this concept. The attendees at BlogPaws and their unique ways of raising money for causes close to their hearts just blew me away. For example, Lynn Haigh started hosting Paw Parties on Twitter (#pawparty), which started out as a fun gathering of dog-lovers on Twitter and now raises funds for rescue causes worldwide. And Mia Thornton, an ambitious 12-year-old, is rallying an effort to reach kids her age with information about puppy mills via her blog, Start The Change.

Amazon CARES helps street dogs in South American countries

I just can’t say enough nice things about the BlogPaws attendees and their efforts. The theme of the conference was “Be the Change,” and I would say everyone there got that memo!

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