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If you came here from the Happy Tails Books newsletter today, thanks for playing my game! (If you didn’t, the game was that if people come here and email me the topic of this blog, I’ll enter them in a raffle for a free book. You can sign up for the newsletter here.)

This is Happy Tails Books’ sister project, Up For Pups! The idea came to me when I started trying to find ways to better utilize my resources to get the word out about animal rescue and problems with the dog breeding industry (puppy mills, etc.). Though you know me as the Happy Tails Books editor, what you may not know is that I’m also an aerialist, performing high-flying trapeze and aerial fabric.

I’m putting together a “dog lover’s night out” that I will take on tour across the nation. The presentation involved a fun talk about the ways I’ve been an irresponsible pet parent and how becoming involved in rescue has given me greater purpose in life. It also include an aerial fabric performance (you’ve probably seen the drapes hanging from the ceiling that aerialists wrap themselves up in…) to music by animal advocate, Marilyn Milano, and slides about puppy mills and how to create change. When the performance is over, my goal is to have inspired people to tell at least three other people about what they learned, and that at least 10% of the people who attend will fell compelled to participate in their own “creative volunteerism,” using their unique talents to help a cause close to their hearts.

Keep an eye out for emails about this presentation once I have it all put together. If you have an idea of where I could perform in a town near you, please write me! I need at least a 13′ ceiling, and I’m looking for venues that hold 75-150 people.

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