Creative Volunteerism: Saving Craigslist’s Pets

I’m not sure who suggested this, but I want to share an idea with you for how you can very easily help animals in need. On Craigslist you’ll find many “free to a good home” postings from people who have to relinquish their animals for whatever reason. These often well-intentioned people usually have no idea how to properly evaluate an adopter to ensure they are not being scammed by some evil person who would take their pet and abuse it or sell it to science. This is where you come in – and you can do this in less than 10 minutes a day:

1) Go to Craigslist and select a city (it doesn’t have to be yours, but it can be)

2) Click on the “pets” link under the “community” heading

3) Click on links that have dogs and cats listed, especially those that say “free to a good home”

4) If it’s not a posting from a rescue, which you can usually tell by a link to see the dog or some sort of verbiage about visiting the rescue’s website, send the poster an email like the one below by clicking on the “reply to” link toward the top left-hand corner of the page:

Hi, While I can’t take your pet, I did want to help you protect it by warning you about profiteers who might tell you they would love to give your pet a good home and then sell it to a lab as soon as it is in their possession. For your pet’s safety and well-being, please very carefully evaluate anyone who contacts you about it. I work for a rescue and we always do home visits and have an extensive application process to ensure that the person applying for an animal honestly intends to give it a good home. You might want to follow this process as well. An alternative option you might consider is to contact a local rescue to see if they will post a courtesy listing for you. A good place to find these rescues is on

Just FYI. Good luck finding a new home.

This is a very easy way to help protect pets from “good-intentioned” people who may inadvertently be putting them into a bad situation. Now go find yourself some lives to save!

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2 Responses to Creative Volunteerism: Saving Craigslist’s Pets

  1. Devora Daniella says:

    I try to go to Craigslist like you said, put in a city then pets, but all I got was household items and trucks and cars! What am I doing wrong?

  2. Hi Devora – Thanks for trying to help pets in your area! Pick your city, and then look under “Community.” You’ll see a link for “pets.” That’s where you’ll find pets that need your help! This post is from a while ago, so Craigslist might have changed its format a bit.

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