Up For Pups! Goals

I was asked the other day what the goals are for the Up For Pups! presentation, and I though this would be the perfect place to list them. I’m going to put them on the “About” page, too. When I begin my presentation, this is what I’m going to tell the audience:

  • Everyone leaving here today understands:
    • The relationship between pet stories and puppy mills
    • How to identify a puppy mill vs. a reputable breeder
    • Alternative places to obtain purebred dogs (rescues and shelters)
  • At least 50% of you will tell at least 3 other people what they learned here today
  • At least 10% of you will feel inspired to use your unique talents to help some rescue or humane education effort

Think of the change this could create! If I do 25 presentations a year for an average of 100 people per presentation, and 50% of those people tell three people what they have learned, the presentation will have touched 37,500 people in one year! Maybe those people would go on to tell more people, and well… Change will have to follow.

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