San Francisco Pet Shop Ban

To my great dismay, at any given time I walk into my parents’ home, they are watching Fox news. However, at least they don’t always agree with it. (My preference is not to watch any news because it’s all a bunch of twisted lies.) She brought it to my attention that Fox is reporting on San Francisco’s proposed ban on the sale of companion animals at pet shops as “activists just trying to put hard-working people out of business.” Are you kidding me? This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

However, I was further shocked when I searched for news on the ban and only found opponents writing about it. The Washington Post reported that both pet owners and pet shop owners were fighting it, and didn’t at all talk about those supporting it. Other bloggers reported more of the same.

I can’t believe so few people are standing up to support this legislation. These are FACTS:

  • HSUS estimates that 3-4 MILLION cats and dogs are being euthanized in shelters each year
  • According to HSUS, the majority of puppies sold in pet shops come from large, commercial breeding facilities that provide substandard care for their animals.
  • The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council states that 300,000-400,000 puppies are sold in pet shops each year.
  • The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) excludes retail pet stores from its minimum humane care and handling requirements.

Puppies purchased at pet stores are often sick because they are weaned too early and not properly cared for, so at the very least this is a consumer protection issue. Additionally, the parents of puppies sold at pet stores are not properly cared for. I know this firsthand because they often come into my home for foster care, and you would not believe the physical and psychological condition they are often in. You can read about some of them at my foster blog-my most recent foster is a perfect example. His feet are splayed from standing on wire, he’s terrible afraid of hands and cowers whenever someone approaches, his ribs are showing, he’s go no fur on his backside from mange or rubbing on the crate, he’s terribly itchy, he’s got sores all over, etc. The list goes on and on…and he’s in pretty good shape compared to some others who have been through my home. The dogs at least need decent food, exercise, a comfortable living space, and some companionship. Is that so much to ask?

Puppy mill dog in bad condition

Would you want a dog whose parent looks like this?

Banning the sale of companion animals at pet shops will be one step in the right direction, as suddenly puppy mills will become less lucrative. Please, present/support legislation in your towns to do the same.

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