A Humane Revolution

This month I’ve been thinking about how to create positive, lasting change for companion animals who are suffering at the hands of puppy millers, backyard breeders, and others who sell dogs and cats for profit with complete disregard for their health, safety, and well-being. The American Revolution didn’t happen on July 4th. It was instead made up of many efforts, small and large, that led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a pivotal moment of positive change. These efforts were carried out by passionate men and women who fought relentlessly until their dreams of a better nation were realized.

I think we’re headed for a “Humane Revolution.” While the number of dogs coming into rescue is not decreasing, I’m not convinced that means we’re not slowly creating a better world for our furry friends. Many rescues are inundated because of legislation making puppy mills no longer a lucrative endeavor. This is good. Animal Planet is airing many shows that would fall into the category of humane education. The BBC did a big expose about dog breeding industry issues several months ago, and both Dateline and Oprah have aired shows about puppy mills. Like Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and other pamphleteers who used the written word to rouse people to action during the American Revolution, animal advocates the world over are inspiring people into taking action for animals through grassroots efforts. Simply letting people who want purebred dogs know they can get them from rescue or teaching them how to find reputable breeders is the foundation for this change.

Main Line Animal Rescue Billboard

Finding unique ways to create change - Main Line Animal Rescue's billboards caught Oprah's eye

This month, to honor our founding fathers, please take some time to consider how you can create positive change. Simple acts of just speaking up for our “best friends” and educating others about how to end neglect and abuse will create waves. With enough waves we can create a tsunami of compassion that ensures a future without chicken wire cages for breeding companion animals. If you need some ideas or inspiration regarding taking the first step forward, please download Happy Tails Books’ free Mill Dog Manifesto eBook.

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