My Head + Wood Floor = Ouch

Okay, so aerial fabric (also known as “aerial tissue”) is dangerous. Though I’m still waiting for music composed for my animal advocacy aerial performance  by Marilyn Milano, I know that the first approx. 1 1/2 minutes is going to be sad and slow because it’s about puppy mills and how dogs are neglected. I’ve been going through some movements to mimic the emotions of the slides and studying other performances to see what bits and pieces might work for mine. I found this great video of a person climbing up the fabric upside-down, sort of like a dog, which seemed perfect, so I’ve been working on that. Man, it’s hard! The timing has to be just right or the task become almost impossible, but I think I need to start with that because I’m dressed as a Boston Terrier.

Anyway, the big trouble is what to do once I climb to the top. I’m trying to be imaginative, but I’m upside-down, so it would make sense to do an upside-down trick position from there. I started playing with one wrap (wrapping my upper leg around the fabric coming from the ceiling and then tossing the fabric around my lower leg a few times), and I thought I could release the fabric and do a “cartwheel” into an upright position. I went through it slowly a few times to test it, and it seemed to work, so I decided to try it faster. Uh… This is the second time “trying it faster” has proved to be a bad idea. The first time was a year ago when I almost hit my head on the floor, and this time, sadly, I actually did hit my head on the floor. It turns out that if I do that trick quickly, I can’t stop upright. I have to go one more roll down and catch the fabric behind my knee. Oops!

Luckily my husband was home, and though my incident put a premature end to his quality time in the powder room, I was really glad he was there. In the end, it turned out I rung my bell a bit, but I’m otherwise okay. The real bummer is that I won’t be able to do that move because I want this performance to work for relatively low ceilings. Back to the drawing board…

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