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Well, I guess you have to start somewhere…

Kyla and Bill

Bill... The dog who opened my eyes to it all (but now at least he lets me sleep!)

For me, this endeavor started about three weeks ago when I edited a book called Dog Blessed. The book is written by Lisa Fischer, a volunteer with Main Line Animal Rescue and facilitator of their puppy mill survivor support group, Over The Mill. It’s not like puppy mills are new to me; I foster for MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue and have taken in many ex-mill dogs into my care. In fact, I was so inspired by my dog, Bill’s, recovery, that I founded Happy Tails Books a year ago. (We publish books about adopted dogs and the money goes back to rescue.)

However, editing Dog Blessed again changed me for some reason. I haven’t been able to get the horrible situations from which these dogs came out of my mind. Through sleepless nights I pondered what more I could do to help, beating myself up because I’ve lived a very lucky life – professional snowboarder, lots of college degrees, circus arts abilities, etc. – and I felt like if anyone should be making a difference and giving back, I should. In the end, I came up with the idea for “Up For Pups,” an organization that delivers humane education presentations to schools and other organizations with a message for people to know where their new “best friends” are coming from and help support legislation to strengthen dog breeding regulations and restrict the sale of companion animals in pet stores nationwide.

Here’s the clincher: The presentation is going to be a multimedia extravaganza involving a moving aerial fabric performance encouraging people to use their own unique talents to volunteer with rescue and education efforts. Right now I’ve got my hands full composing the video presentation, putting it to music, and figuring out what I’m going to talk about for the subsequent 55 minutes of the presentation.

I’ll post here as I get things going. Anyone know a company who would like to sponsor this type of thing? I’d like to get an RV and do a US tour. Yep – just me and my pup, Bill, living the dream (my husband, Dylan, has got a real job, so I guess he’ll just be jumping on the tour bus when he has time). Wish me luck and write me if you have any leads or would like me to come to an auditorium near you!



PS: Earlier posts on the website were originally published on Happy Tails Books’ Animal Advocacy blog. I’ve migrated them over to here and will continue to intersperse advocacy information in between keeping you posted on the Up For Pups project progress.

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