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The best weapon against cruelty is knowledge, especially when we share our knowledge with others to help them make good choices about pet acquisition and care. The following links contain materials to help you be a champion in the fight:

Fetching FidoFetching Fido, a booklet about how to locate a rescue or breeder and avoid puppy mill pitfalls.

Mill Dog Manifesto, a first-hand account of dog rescue and puppy mills.

Animal welfare education .pdfs to print and distribute.

Road to Rescue: Dog Rescue Best Practices Manual to help you be the best rescuer you can be!

Learn about puppy mills:

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6 Responses to Educate Yourself

  1. connie sager says:

    love collies had them since I was 3 have 3 rescues now

  2. Our Search & Rescue K9s have all come from rescues. The Search & Rescue motto is “So Others May Live”, the case is true on both ends of the leash on our team.
    Treaker, Sassy & Diesel give 110%, they know that they have been given a second chance at life, therefore they go the extra mile to make sure that their “Victim” does not take their last breath.

  3. Tegan says:

    Nice little list of resources. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Toni Harris says:

    I rescued two Pitt Bulls–MacDougal and Zoe. I am a writer and Zoe is the heroine of my latest children’s book. I adopted her because Animal Control was unable to find a home for her. She had been hit by a car and left for dead, saved and found to be the most unusual baby girl ever. The towns people of Citrus County donated $15,000 for the surgery she needed. That was enough to heal her and three other dogs from the shelter. Her story and her level of intelligence is beyond belief. I want to have her book published as a series by self-publishing so that I can arrange an endowment fund for her and MacDougal’s care and dues (at the private dog park where they play with their friends each day)if I should pre-decease them because I am soon to turn eighty. All Zoe ever wanted was a “forever home.” She has been on television several times. She is quite an actress. She understands language, taught herself to swim, sings and can do just about anything you’d never expect an untrained dog to do. I am applying to an organization called “Kickstart” where donations can be made to raise funds to publish Zoe’s book. The proceeds will accomplish two goals: allow me to self- publish Zoe’s book and also publish a novel I have written–a historical novel based upon the Civil War and the exciting and unusual life of my great grandmother who was a slave, orphan and emancipated in 1863,at the age of eight. I wrote this novel for my extended family and to give the readers a perspective of what the freedwoman experienced during “Recovery” and to tell Zoe’s rich story. Grants will be made to “Kickstart.” You can find them on the Internet. You can get more information and reach me at my email address…

  5. Toni Harris says:

    I referred to the post Civil War period as Recovery. It is Reconstruction. My rush to write this post.

  6. Toni Harris says:

    Toni, MacDougal and Zoe would like to thank you.

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